War-Town Times Ep. 2: The Mize in the Maze

Continuing our ever watchful eye on the new mayor of War-Town, LaRhonda Patrick, Team Zen thought it appropriate to keep all of you informed and entertained by the shenanigans she faces at city hall in this second episode of War-Town Times! Only a few months into her administration, Madam Mayor Patrick does this really strange thing by attempting to keep her campaign promises only to be confronted by incumbent politicians playing team sports politics, utterly confused by someone actually serving the people that put her there. In this re-cap of a city council meeting, hilarity ensues as city attorney Julia Mize does her absolute best to not go postal as she tries to educate city council members on how to do their jobs without calling them complete nincompoops in front of everyone. Liketh, Subscribeth, Shareth!


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