Arthur Lee Harris Answers the Call: Sheriff Shootout Special 2024 Update June 15th

Finally, past the primaries, a candidate for Houston County Sheriff has agreed to sit down with your Humble Author, Narrator, & Fictional Character – Daniel Louis Crumpton.

After the WAR-TOWN TIMES Team sent all candidates for Sheriff in Houston County, Georgia a simple 30 item questionnaire to enlighten We the People as to their certain perspectives and approaches to the Constitution; Arthur Lee Harris was kind enough to at the very least, consider sitting down to discuss the document in question.

As we head into the most uncertain waters, this country and community has ever experienced, it has never been more critical to ensure that your local sheriff is fully prepared and compelled to defend the Bill of Rights over party affiliations & agendas. Continue to follow our Sheriff Shootout Special 2024 as the story unfolds!

CLICK HERE FOR THE HHJ Article on Arthur Lee Harris 

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL Sheriff Candidate Constitutional Questionnaire

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