The War-Town Times S2E5: The Constitution & a Piece of Paper Walk into the BAR

When those who can afford to, run into trouble with the gubment within War-Town, they oft run to the trade union most commonly referred to as the BAR association. In other words, they “lawyer up”, with the impression that they themselves are too incompetent to represent themselves or their Rights. In doing so, they hand over the the reigns of their case, with a wing and a prayer, to an attorney with a fool’s faith that the lawyer is actually going to defend their Rights in our local courts. Without paying attention to the fact that billable hours are greatly increased the longer a case drags out, can a resident of War-Town truly put faith in the notion that an attorney is actually working in their best interests with such tempting motivation to do otherwise? Could this be the reason the members of this trade union present to us the Law as some complicated, confusing thing that We the People cannot understand ourselves, just like the old Roman Church used to convince its subjects the scriptures would drive them mad if they even dared to look at them?

How did it come to be that a trade union have become the gatekeepers and interpreters of the Simplicity of the Law, and cloud the entranceway to Liberty with smoke, mirrors & legalese in the fictional city of War-Town? Does this trade union have the good people of War-Town in a trance of statutes, acts, codes & ordinances that pretend to be Law but aren’t actually Law? And what does it take to comprehend and apply the Simplicity of the Law? Degrees and BAR association cards, or the clear reading of our Founding Documents and a few Supreme Court rulings? Is access to the Law for each and every flesh and blood person in War-Town, or just members of a small trade union within the community?


-Season Two Overview-

Once more into the messing-about-with-local-gubment fray for Your Humble Author, Narrator & Fictional Character; Daniel Louis Crumpton & the War-Town War Room Crew! After a long hiatus, the team of the War-Town Times hath returned for the highly anticipated second season where the story is juicier, the stakes are higher & the sphincter muscles of those in elected office within the fictional city of “War-Town” will get tighter! In the second season of the War-Town Times, the mystery of gubment’s role in all our lives will be solved and actionable information for each and every one of you will be distributed more than the narcotics unit can disseminate fentanyl into our streets. Neat!! But wait! There’s more! Could it be this season, that our Humble Author, Narrator & Fictional Character has managed to find himself caught up in a conspiracy of corruption within the halls of War-Town gubment goofiness? Probably.

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