LaRhonda Patrick, Mayoral Candidate for Warner Robins: A Cry for Transparency in Government

The current climate of politics in our Republic has come to more resemble the patterns of team sports, where common sense, individuality and taking the time to hear other points of view peaceably have been abandoned for “my team verses your team”, “my flag verses your flag” and open and honest dialogue on critical issues has been all but lost to smears, distortions, attacks and out right deceit upon We The People who happen to be caught in the middle. LaRhonda Patrick is a hair line fracture from winning the office of the Mayor in Team Zen’s capitol city of Warner Robins in the Great State of Georgia. When we caught up with her recently to discuss the runoff and her platform, the conversation bloomed like a transparent lotus flower on just how far our elected employees have strayed from the simple English of our precious Bill of Rights and their uncomplicated applications. It matters not if you are in Team Zen’s capitol city and able to vote in this runoff to walk away from this powerful interview without learning just how much your government really doesn’t want to fill you in.

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