The War-Town Times S2 E9: An Interview with L Ellis Carter

Your Humble Author, Narrator, & Fictional Character; Daniel Louis Crumpton, has the honor and privilege of sitting down with L Ellis Carter- candidate for City Council, Post 2. In this candid conversation with Father, Grandfather, Author & Patriot within our community the topics most relevant to voters in WAR-TOWN are brought up without regard to 60 second sound bites.

Too often voters are supplied with nothing more than short, can-hammed, stump speeches from local candidates that air on the nightly news just before voters dose off before voting the next day on what they thought was informative. The career politicians are polished and have their script prepared in order to spike their preferred demographic with all the key buzz words that will incite them to put an incumbent back in office. We have been conditioned to think that this type of talking-head-in-a-box is the best America has to offer in the area of representation, but as we discover in this interview; there are far better options.

L Ellis Carter is a 21 year Serviceman, that has sworn an oath to the Constitution that he intends to keep. Surely, his record of service to this nation can attest to his dedication in that endeavor. He does not shy away from difficult questions or positions, even when that makes him a lone wolf. In this discussion with City Council Post 2 Candidate, Yours Truly and the Candidate of Choice go over relevant issues of building up WAR-TOWN beyond the base, alleviating the homelessness issue, forging a path to tap into our communities rich culture for growth, and the obvious path of de-militarizing our police. Enjoy the interview, then do your duty at the polls this November 7th.

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-Season Two Overview-

Once more into the messing-about-with-local-gubment fray for Your Humble Author, Narrator & Fictional Character; Daniel Louis Crumpton & the War-Town War Room Crew! After a long hiatus, the team of the War-Town Times hath returned for the highly anticipated second season where the story is juicier, the stakes are higher & the sphincter muscles of those in elected office within the fictional city of “War-Town” will get tighter! In the second season of the War-Town Times, the mystery of gubment’s role in all our lives will be solved and actionable information for each and every one of you will be distributed more than the narcotics unit can disseminate fentanyl into our streets. Neat!! But wait! There’s more! Could it be this season, that our Humble Author, Narrator & Fictional Character has managed to find himself caught up in a conspiracy of corruption within the halls of War-Town gubment goofiness? Probably.

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