A Friendly Neighborhood Manifesto



The Crew of ZENintheCAR & the War-Town Times are beyond excited that you have found your way here, to the War-Town Times: A Friendly Neighborhood Manifesto. Contained within it is over 200 years of research and findings that when applied can return War-Town & other communities that follow its ideals back to a Republic where the Rights of the Individual are protected. We highly encourage you to read it, understand it, own it and of course, spread it. If and when the entire community is exposed to the Truths contained within it, a city known for its corruption in multiple systems can and will purge itself back to Freedom & Liberty. Feel free to print out the Manifesto as well as email it to everyone in your contact lists. Audio & video versions of the War-Town Times: A Friendly Neighborhood Manifesto will be added to this page when produced for further dissemination. Until then, Stay Free War-Town Warriors.


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